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We fit whatever you need, be it a new boiler, a complete system, or even a plant room in a larger property; we design and fabricate systems from high quality and reliable products.

We work closely with Intergas, a Dutch firm who sell throughout the UK.

Intergas boilers are widely considered to be the most robust and efficient of their class on sale today.  We like them so much, Dan installed an Intergas Eco RF in his own house whilst suffering cabin fever over the Chrstmas break of 2015.

Their simplicity and versatility mean that even elderly plumbing that would give problems with more well-known UK brands can work with them, saving hundreds of pounds.  Intergas boilers can run at low system pressure if your hot water cylinder, pipes and radiators have seen their best days.

The  Intergas combination boiler has no plate heat exchanger or diverter valve – the major causes of failures that have given combination boilers a reputation for unreliability.

These Intergas boilers have built-in weather compensation, controlling the boiler output according to the temperature outdoors, increasing fuel economy even further.

We protect all our boilers and the rest of the system with Instinct and Spirotech filters. This, coupled with a decent rinse or chemical cleanse almost always eliminates any need for full powerflushing your heating system when we fit an Intergas boiler. Powerflushing is a good concept with two major flaws:


 £400 to £800 depending on the size of your property 


If there are any weaknesses in boilers, pipes or radiators then the powerful chemicals and flushing action can cause untold damage. Please also do not be fooled by processes that purport to be even more effective than Powerflusing by using techniques that use particles to do the work of chemicals.reliability 

Cleaning the system helps improve efficiency and reliability;  sludge can kill a boiler with a plate heat exchanger in weeks. Our experience with Intergas boilers with their unique heat exchangers is that the Instinct and Spirotech filters (in conjunction with Detox chemicals if the system is heavily sludged) will gently clean systems during normal use.  If your system is functioning, and you radiators are heating uniformly; an Intergas boiler will not require a powerflush to operate reliably.  To avoid conflicts of interests - if a flush is truly required, we will organise an estimate according to your system size.

For larger properties we tend to use Viessmann boilers for single appliance applications, another quality boiler with its own range of intelligent controllers.  Robust, tried and tested, all these boilers have the same heat engines in their ranges - from small domestic to larger scale systems.  However, two boilers working together have benefits with bigger systems.  Improved efficiency and an extra  level of redundancy should a problem occur.

We are now offering 7 and 10 year warranties on all our Intergas boiler installations (7 on the HRE and 10 on the Eco RF).  This is subject to registration with the manufacturer and annual servicing.  Soon we will be offering remote management and montirong of the boiler so that we can anticipate the servicing schedule based on useage and be able to be proactive in the unlikely event of a system failure.

Although we principally use Intergas, we look at situations individually but are also happy to use Viessmann and Vaillant products.  However, if you have particular preferences or needs then we can decide with you what is best both in the short and long term.

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