Controls & underfloor Heating

We are specialists in Honeywell control products ranging from traditional on/off dial thermostats all the way up to the state of the art Opentherm Evohome system which can control up to 48 zones of varied emitter type over the internet or from central control panels like the one in the picture below.  Each system is tailored to the property in hand.

Again, another product we like so much that Dan has fitted all 3 iterations in his own house.

For larger homes we can use the Heatmiser system to give you another internet controlled option.

Controls are the key to the efficient use of your heat system!

Underfloor heating has also become much more popular in recent years as retrofit systems have come down in price.

Working with Ambiente we can tailor a system to go into a poured screed, or over the top of your existing structure to provide unparralleded comfort and control.  The benfits of underfloor heating are not to be understated.  Reduced convection from the radiant floor mean dust is less of a problem, comfort is increased too by the uniformity of the heat.  Your boiler can also function more efficiently as the flow temperatures are much lower than they would need to be if you were heating with with radiators (which actually do relatively little radiating).

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